Stained Carpets

Stained Carpets

Stained Carpets can ruin the look of even the most beautiful, immaculate homes. But stains can be prevented and they can be eliminated. Our certified, family-owned business gets spots and stains out with high-tech carpet dry cleaning. It leaves no residue or harmful chemicals behind. And we’re very thorough – we’ll even move your furniture!

What Causes Stained Carpets?

Even if you vacuum regularly, everyday living can cause a buildup of spots and stains. One thing clings to another, especially in high traffic areas. The next thing you know, you have stained carpets. Common causes:

Dirt Everything on your feet or your pets’ feet can be tracked inside. These insoluble soils are responsible for 80 percent of what you see on your flooring.

Sticky residue Grease, colored liquids like coffee or juice, and oils cause the dry dirt to stick to the fibers. The industry calls them “soluble” soils.

Detergent Do-it-yourself attempts at spot cleaning and even hot-water cleansing can leave soap residue behind. This will cause any new soils to cling. We will get it all out.

Pet odors and stains These are among the hardest to remove because of odor-causing bacteria left behind. We have the right enzyme-based solutions that will leave flooring truly clean and fresh – not masked.

Spots can become stains if left untreated. Let the professionals with many local, positive reviews take care of it. Our husband and wife team will take your stained carpets and make them fresh and allergen-free in a very short time.

Call or click now and get started. No matter how basic or costly your pile is, count on us to get the soils out.

Dry Cleaning Works Miracles
Industry professionals and manufacturers know that low-moisture methods are excellent for cleaning stained carpets. This technique is up to twice as effective as conventional hot-water extraction. There is also no long drying time.

How does it work? We always do a thorough initial extraction with pre-vacuuming, leaving nothing behind but fresh, clean fibers. A very light spray or powder is applied and carefully worked into the pile. The safe, nontoxic chemicals are specially designed to encapsulate the soils. We can then treat your flooring with agents that will help repel dirt in the future.

An Advanced Method
Why is dry cleaning better than the age-old water method?

The old-fashioned way uses a lot of water. This can stretch out the backing and cause ugly ripples. It can take hours to dry.

Harsh cleansing agents can also leave a residue that attracts more dirt. The result – more stained carpets! Our way leaves no trace behind.

If you don’t get all the moisture out, mold can grow. Spores can cling. Our way leaves your floors dirt- and allergen-free – ready for action in no time.

Don’t risk your family’s health. Call All Spotless Carpets to do stain removal right. Our method works on nylon, wool, olefin, and all blends. We can also work wonders on upholstery.

The Right Method
All carpeting is not the same, and we will treat yours with the right techniques and the right formulas. After more than ten years in the carpet cleaning and repair business, we have developed unique methods that get spots and stains out. We can address the permanent damage, too. In fact, All Spotless is one of the few area companies certified by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) to perform carpet dry cleaning, stretching, and repair.

Courteous, Professional Service
Our company is local and family-owned and operated. We go the extra mile to make sure you are 100 percent satisfied. That means moving furniture whenever possible. It means using safe, green products that we have developed ourselves. It means leaving you with a free supply of our proprietary spot-cleaning product so a little spill does not turn into a stubborn stain.

We will take care of you and do your carpet cleaning right the first time. And we can show you the best methods of spot removal and stain management between professional cleanings.