Stain Removal

Stain Removal

If you need expert carpet spot and stain removal, contact All Spotless Carpets today. We use state of the art cleaning methods that can take care of every spot on every textile. Our formulas are environmentally friendly and very effective. And our customer service is second to none – we’ll even move furniture before we work!

Don’t Wait
Every day your carpeting is faced with foot traffic, drink spills, dust in the air and food splatters – it happens to everyone. Maybe your installation is light-colored and shows every little mark. Maybe you chose a dark color or a pattern to hide signs of wear. Either way, prompt stain removal is highly recommended for better wear.

Appearance  The longer stains set, the more difficult they are to get out. This is especially true for anything red. Don’t let dirty carpets mar the beauty and health of your household.

Integrity  Spills, flooding and improper water-method cleanings can stretch out the backing. This creates a buckled, wrinkled appearance and wears out your carpet backing sooner.

Health Very often people not only clean for appearances; they clean for health. Residues or sticky liquids can cause dry dirt to adhere to carpeting. Allergens and germs can stick to it, as well. And if you have a pet, urine breeds bacteria that can smell up the room and seep down into the padding. We offer expert stain removal that leaves no residue. Our enzyme-based cleaning agents destroy pet odors and stains.

Following spot and stain removal, we provide restorative carpet cleaning: the kind that leaves your home smelling fresh without perfumes; the kind that doesn’t leave residues that new dirt can stick to. Our team is trained and certified by the IICRC. We are also A+ rated by the Better Business Bureau.


The Science Behind Carpet Stain Removal

Great care must be taken when removing embedded dirt and unwanted dyes from today’s fibers. There are two parts to the process.

The right chemistry This involves treating spots with formulas designed to emulsify the chemicals that caused the stain. Spilled olive oil must be treated differently from red wine. Clay is broken down differently from pet urine. And the fiber type must be taken into consideration, too. Some respond well to water (hydrophilic) and some don’t (hydrophobic). Natural wool rugs are sensitive to alkaline.

You can be assured that we will find the proper stain removal formula for your particular carpet, whether wool, nylon, olefin or a blend. Our low-moisture process completely surrounds soil particulates and crystallizes them. Through diligent agitation with a special machine, the chemicals literally peel soils off of the fibers and are then vacuumed up.

Stain removal techniques  Our proprietary carpet cleaning agents are worked in deeply and evenly using specific methods. Our team will use the right technique for the right area, whether it is heavily soiled or just needs freshening. Because we move furniture for you, we can make short work of those dark markings that occur around furniture edges.

Stain Management
Don’t let a spot become a stain. Call Thom and Joni Millage for fast and professional service that is tailored to your dirt problem. We know spills and splatters are a part of life as an active family, so we can show you ways to protect your carpeting in between visits. These can be simple changes such as using exterior walk-off mats, area rugs and runners, and vacuuming frequently – most people don’t.

We can also supply you with our proprietary spot treatment, See Spot Blot. It is organic, formulated without petroleum products and very effective when applied correctly.

Affordable Service
Unlike huge, impersonal companies, we are a reliable, honest and trustworthy husband and wife team that is IICRC certified in many restorative disciplines, and keep on top of the latest developments in our industry. Our carpet dry cleaning and stain removal technology are cutting-edge.

Call now for correct carpet stain removal in Raleigh, Wake Forest, Clayton, Cary, Garner, and all surrounding cities.