Stain Management

Stain Management

Stain ManagementYour carpeting is clean and odor-free – now what? Stain management is important to preserve the look and integrity of the fibers. We set the bar in carpet cleaning and spot and stain removal. Contact us today to learn about professional treatments, our exclusive new spot removal product, and what you can do at home to keep your rugs pristine.

New carpeting fibers reflect the light. Dry dirt that is left on there can actually scratch the fibers and dull them. Sticky stains not only add unwelcome color (hello, grape juice!), they can make dry dirt stick to it. Small spots can easily turn into stains, so stain management is key to a long-lasting floor. It will prevent soils from damaging your carpeting’s integrity and make its beauty last.

Common Types of Soil
Dry dirt This means all the mud, soil, clay and dust that blows inside or clings to shoes. Proper carpet stain management starts with frequent vacuuming.

Allergens This includes dust, pollen, and spores. These cling to fibers and become airborne with every step.

Sticky substances Anything that dries to a sticky finish will cling to fibers and create spots. This can be sugary liquids like juice and sweet tea as well as household detergents and personal grooming products.

Oils Many foods, dressings, and even foot lotion can leave traces on carpets, even after you vacuum. Regular carpet cleaning and stain management are important.

Detergents Have you used a commercial spot cleaner on your carpeting lately? Have you had your rugs cleaned by wet-extraction in the past? If all traces are not removed, dirt will adhere to the detergent residue and cause rapid re-soiling.

Everyday Carpet Stain Management

Our carpet dry cleaning will leave your home fresh, clean and restored. But the most important thing you can do to keep it looking new is to vacuum regularly. This prevents dry dirt from scratching the fibers and dulling them. Because there is always debris being tracked around a home, this has to be a priority.

How often is enough?
The Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI) – considered the gold standard in plush flooring care – recommends twice a week. If you can’t do your entire house that often, then at least get the high traffic areas.

Homes with Allergy Sufferers
Another reason to vacuum often is that some types of soil also cause allergies such as dust mite waste, dander, and pollen. If you have a family member who suffers from allergies and other respiratory illnesses, consider a machine with a HEPA filter. This picks up the tiniest particulate.

Buying a good AC filter and changing it monthly will also keep particles from blowing through the air and settling onto the floor.

Minimize Tracking
Think about everything you step on every day while you’re outside. All that has the potential to dirty your rugs. Every little bit helps in stain management!

Sturdy mats both inside and outside entryways will help reduce the amount of dry dirt that people track in.

Some people also remove shoes and wipe their dogs’ feet before they step onto carpeting.

Sweeping and mopping hard floors regularly is another important way of avoiding spots.

Our Stain Management Solution

We want you to enjoy your home, not live in fear of stained carpets. That is why we have invented our own solution: See Spot Blot. It is organic, non-toxic and made without petroleum. And it is the same professional formula we use in our practice. We give generous free supplies every time we do carpet cleaning; we sell it from our office and are making it available online. It removes many types of stains such as coffee, wine, clay, and pet odors and stains. Call now.

We offer carpet stain management in Raleigh, Wake Forest, Clayton, Cary, Garner, and all nearby areas. We are family owned and operated, BBB-accredited, and have more than ten years’ experience in the area.