Carpet Dry Cleaning

Carpet Dry Cleaning

Dry Carpet CleaningCarpet dry cleaning removes up to twice as much dirt as old-fashioned water extraction. It doesn’t damage fibers or backing and there’s no long drying time. With so many advantages, isn’t it time you cleaned your stained carpets with the most advanced methods possible? Contact us now for carpet cleaning in Raleigh.

There’s no need to risk damage to your carpeting with gallons of water, and there’s no reason to keep everyone off the just-cleaned floors. Our carpet dry cleaning service saves you time and hassle. It uses low-moisture methods to surround and lift even ground-in soils.

This method is recommended by the prestigious Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI), Cleanfax magazine, and all major textile manufacturing companies. It reduces the level of harmful allergens and dust mites. Your family will breathe easier. You will see instantly that stain removal is complete. Your nose will know that odors are gone – not just masked with perfume.

We Take Carpet Dry Cleaning Seriously

After more than a decade in business, we have already racked up great reviews on local online services and through the Better Business Bureau. In fact, we have had zero complaints. That is your reassurance that we take your satisfaction to heart. We are a family-owned carpet dry cleaning business – a husband and wife team. We have kids ourselves and know you want yours to be safe from dirt, pathogens and allergy-causing particles that settle into carpets.

We can use green, environmentally responsible products so you won’t worry about what’s left behind after cleaning is complete.

Pet odors and stains – Animal urine and waste are no problem for our carpet dry cleaning system. Our exclusive proprietary blend of enzymes and synthetic decontaminates odor-causing bacteria and gently lifts stains. No harm to your carpets, no harm to your pets!

How Carpet Dry Cleaning Works

A special solution is applied to carpeting. We take great care to move any furniture, so you can be assured of a thorough job. The solution is then agitated deep into the pile. This scrubbing action allows the formula to break up particles, surround them and crystallize them. We always do a thorough initial extraction with pre-vacuuming.

The safe and effective carpet dry cleaning process we use can include such extra protection as deodorizers, sanitizers and anti-static soil repellent.

Pride in Our Work
As the area’s hardest-working carpet cleaning company, we take the utmost care to remove both soluble and insoluble soils. We’ll shift any movable furniture to make sure the carpeting underneath is cleaned completely. Special attention will be paid to dirty areas around furniture edges and heavily trafficked areas.

  • All Types of Stained Carpets
    The carpet dry cleaning formulas we use attack the most common types of soils.
  • Solid dirt, such as mud and clay, accounts for most carpet spots in your home.
  • Detergent residue from everyday spills and careless extraction cleaning attracts dry dirt and can cling stubbornly to fibers. We can get them spotless.
  • Our carpet dry cleaning agents easily take up oils and grease such as salad dressings, wood polish and makeup. Spot removal is no problem for our experienced team.
  • Liquids like coffee, tea, soda and juice can be tough to get up, but our emulsifying and encapsulation techniques can get them out.
  • Allergens like pollen and dander are cleaned up quickly, helping your family to breathe easier.
  • Carpet dry cleaning is industry-recommended, as well as safe and effective for all types of fibers: synthetic, wool, and all blends. It is nontoxic, too.

Stain Management Bonus
We have invented our own stain-remover formula, See Spot Blot. After every deep cleaning that we do, we give our customers a generous sample. This petroleum-free, organic and biodegradable product is in demand: people have been known to drive a half-hour to get some, and we are making it available online as well. It’s perfect for spot removal in between restorative treatments.

Contact us now for carpet dry cleaning in Raleigh, Wake Forest, Clayton, Cary, Garner and all nearby cities. We are an IICRC-certified firm.