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Carpet Cleaners

If your carpeting or upholstery isn't making the right impression, call All Spotless Carpets today. We are one of the highest-ranked HomeAdvisor carpet cleaners and repair services in the Raleigh area. Fully insured, family owned and industry-certified, we’ll make you proud to bring guests into your home again.

Taking Pride in Workmanship to a Whole New LevelAfter more than ten years as professional carpet cleaners, our husband and wife team stands ready to provide you with a wide range of quality services and excellent customer care. We handle every job ourselves and can even move furniture to get at every inch of those stained carpets.

We are one of a very few carpet cleaners in Raleigh, Durham and Cary that are certified in both cleaning and carpet stretching. We guarantee our repairs for a lifetime.

Carpet Cleaning RaleighCall with ConfidenceOur firm is trained and certified through the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC). This nonprofit organization sets the nation’s standards in our industry. We also maintain an A+ rating with the BBB – not a single complaint since we joined!

Stained Carpets? No ProblemClean, new carpeting fibers look so good because they reflect the light. They have two enemies: dry, insoluble soils, and soluble soils like liquids and sugars. Together, they create dullness and spotting. The sticky substances draw the solid dirt like a magnet, adding layers of soil. Left untreated, spots set into stains. We do thorough spot removal using correct methods.

Allergies? Our carpet cleaners reduce dust mites and other allergens from carpeting and area rugs.
Pets? Our exclusive proprietary blend of enzymes and synthetic decontaminates all pet odors and stains.

Carpet Dry Cleaning – Fast and EffectiveSure, water cleans some things well; but it’s not necessarily the best carpet stain removal method. Our low-moisture process captures and crystallizes soil particles so they can be easily removed.

- Short drying time
- No detergent residue
- We remove twice the amount of soil and hair
- Carpet and Rug Institute Seal of Approval, Green Seal Certified, WoolSafe Approved.

Your carpeting will look and smell like new when we are done. We can use sanitizing and deodorizing agents, anti-static soil repellant, and green cleaning methods – and it is safe and effective.

Stain Management

You can’t expect just-cleaned floors to stay pristine forever or expect your family to tip-toe around. Live your life and call us for annual restorative cleaning services, spot removal, and at-home stain management.

Get our exclusive products! – We make everyday cleanups easy with our new line of spot remover, See Spot Blot. We provide free supplies to all of our cleaning customers to get up spills and smears. Because the word is spreading and people are driving from all over to get some, we’re now offering it to the public.

It is nontoxic, organic and biodegradable. And it contains no petroleum products. It’s great for all kinds of stain removal:

- Clay and red mud
- Pet stains
- And much more!

Clean Carpet

Carpet Repair

Not everything is an easy cleanup. When a problem is permanent, call us. We can make carpet burns and carpet rips and tears disappear. There are many way to do this, and we use only industry-recommended methods. All of our work is guaranteed for life.

Carpet Stretching

When the backing stretches out, we can remove those ugly buckles and wrinkles. Our power stretching works wonders on all types of carpeting. Few other carpet cleaners do both stretching and cleaning. Call us first. We offer a three-year stretching guarantee.

Expert Upholstery Cleaning

With so many textiles out there, it’s hard to know how to clean your furniture. We are certified to do upholstery cleaning without making colors bleed or run. Even those labeled “Dry Clean Only” or “No Water or Detergents” will be rejuvenated and spot-free.

Specialty Area Rug CleaningCompound dry cleaning restores all types of area rugs beautifully and safely. We come to you and do the work right there – no more weeks of waiting. Our process handles wool, silk, cotton and natural fibers. It won’t damage the area rug or the flooring below. Trust your finest Oriental rugs to us.

At the Edge of the CurveWe continue to expand our product line and our professional training every year. Our team can now clean your mattresses, ducts, dryer vents and hardwood flooring, too.

We love your carpeting as much as you do and will give you the best of care – even moving furniture for a deep, satisfying clean. Call us today, you will see the difference immediately!

If you are looking for Carpet Cleaners in Raleigh, Durham, Cary, or nearby areas, call us today!